She may only be a teen, but Simone Garcia Johnson is quickly growing into a strong, outspoken and inspiring young woman. The oldest daughter of legendary wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his first wife, Dany Garcia, the teenager has already made Golden Globes history, drafted some very lofty career plans, and even garnered a few enemies on Instagram by unapologetically supporting causes she’s passionate about. Let’s learn more about this chip off the ol’ Rock.

The Rock’s daughter was actually raised by two superstar parents

Although Simone Garcia Johnson’s mom may not be as instantly recognizable as her dad, she is just as famous among Hollywood circles and is a superstar in her own right. In addition to being the co-founder and co-CEO of Seven Bucks Productions, Dany Garcia has also been The Rock’s manager since 2008 (the same year the couple divorced) and is largely credited with his massive success.

As Marie Claire declared in 2017, she’s “responsible for his multimillion-dollar enterprise” and his becoming the world’s highest paid actor in 2016. Speaking of her decision to leave a successful career on Wall Street in order to manage her ex full-time, Garcia admitted that she “had to become very comfortable, very quickly, with creating a new paradigm: ‘Yes, I am his manager. Yes, we were once married. Now, let’s go build s*** together.'”

The Rock got his daughter working young

Head over to Simone Garcia Johnson’s IMDB page and you’ll only spot four credits under her name, citing her appearances on Entertainment Tonight and at the 75th Golden Globes, all as herself. However, as the budding young star revealed to W magazine in January 2018, she’s actually been pretty involved in showbiz from the time she was just 12 years old. As it turns out, The Rock’s daughter has taken on the unofficial role of a mini-producer next to her famous parents who have “always wanted to know my input on certain things,” like Inside the Olympia, a short film her parents produced about the women competing in the Olympia body building expo and competition.