Once upon a time, Wesley Snipes was one of the most in-demand action stars in show business—and for good reason. Snipes’ unique blend of athletic and martial arts abilities with undeniable charisma led to some memorable performances and a handful of blockbuster hits. These days, however, it seems like Hollywood won’t go anywhere near him; decades beyond his marquee-topping prime, you’re far more likely to see Snipes in a B-list direct-to-video member of the 0 percent club on Rotten Tomatoes.

The man behind Blade is still (arguably) a household name, and Hollywood history is full of stories about talented people who were given second chances after flaming out during their first shot at the big time. So why won’t the movie industry cast him in major productions anymore? That question is yet to be answered,but we hope to see him back to the movie scenes anytime soon.